Sargent Study: Olimpio Fusco – sold


Olimpio Fusco

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 10″x8″

I believe in learning from the best and John Singer Sargent is one of the great masters of portrait and figurative work. This is a study with a twist; the original portrait was a drawing but I used oil on canvas based on what I imagined a Sargent oil study of this model would look like. A fun exercise and it really made me think about Sargent’s flesh palette and brushwork.


2 thoughts on “Sargent Study: Olimpio Fusco – sold

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I also find that copying artists I admire teaches me volumes. Nice to see someone else getting benefits from it as well. Nice idea to copy the drawing but with oils. It works well.
    I love Sargent, he makes it look so easy.


  2. Thanks Sarah, studying Sargent’s mastery is humbling but definitely educational:)
    I’m enjoying your blog, fascinating stuff!


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