STEPPING OUT – A painting by Kent

16 inch by 16 inch oil on cradled panel.

Just wanted to share this gorgeous painting by the amazing artist, Kent!



Woman in a Blue Bikini – sold


BBikini (3)

Oil on hardboard panel, 7″x5″

This painting expresses the essence of a beautiful day at the beach…the brilliant light, sharp shadows and dazzling colors of sea and sand. I like how the golden hue of the sand and the cool blues of the water are echoed in the girl’s hair and skin and bright turquoise bikini.

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Man in a Hot Tub – sold


Oil on hardboard panel, 10″x8″

This painting is a combination of figure study and portrait with a water element…several things I really enjoy. The movement of the water was a great challenge to paint, as was the wet skin and hair. There’s something calming yet lively about this painting.