Portrait of a Redhead – sold


Oil on hardboard panel, 10″x8″

Playing with color again. The starting point for this painting was an old black and white photo so that left a lot of room for invention. I’m not sure where the red hair came from but she seemed to want to be a redhead and it was fun to paint.

I’m finding that conveying emotion is increasingly important to me in these “portraits”. Even though they are largely invented from my imagination they also seem to create themselves and have their own personalities. Happily, I’m starting to relax with this odd feeling that I’m not in complete control and trusting what emerges in my paintings.


3 thoughts on “Portrait of a Redhead – sold

  1. I love this picture. To me it has an old world, maybe 1940’s feeling to it in the expression, and the colours are low key but very deep. I can also really identify with what you say about not being “in complete control and trusting what emerges in my paintings”. I have found when I relax about it (and working small helps me with this), the process works by itself and the painting almost comes out of the panel as if by magic.


    • Thank you! You’re SO right about relaxing and working smaller. I’m not quite there yet but I’m finally beginning to stop fighting myself and go with what happens. It’s wonderful when it works:)

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