Standing Male Nude – sold


Oil on hardboard panel, 12″x9″

This painting is a classic figure study. Figurative subjects are my favorite and I love the challenge of painting nudes. Especially male nudes as they tend to have more defined musculature. There are few things more difficult to paint than the human body and I have to admit that the contrapposto stance gave me some trouble…but I think I pulled it off.

I was told by a male friend that I made the penis too large in this painting. I wasn’t trying to be shocking or make a statement here, the model’s penis just happens to be on the large side. But this comment made me wonder, do artists have to “tone down” that part of the body or risk having it come off as erotica? It’s just a normal part of a human body, why is there so much baggage? If a female model happens to have large breasts is it somehow more tasteful or artistic to shrink those? I spent a lot of time in art school drawing whoever happened to be naked in front of me on the model stand, did this throw me out of alignment with what regular people see in a nude? Obviously there’s no answer to the various questions that occurred to me but it does make me wonder….

3 thoughts on “Standing Male Nude – sold

  1. Sorry, Pat, just wanted to make sure my comment does not come across as curt! It is a REALLY good painting – I wish I could draw like that! I don’t think anything is unduly out of proportion either and if that is what you saw, that is what it is, isn’t it. I agree with you that there is – sadly – perhaps a huge bias in how we see male and female nudity. The male element is not often seen and tends to perhaps “surprise” a bit more, which could also influence how things are perceived.

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  2. Oh no, I don’t think your comment seemed curt although I also appreciate the clarification on the proportion issue. I truly value the gut reaction and honest feedback! Perceptions vary and I tend to live in a bubble so it’s very helpful to consider different views:)

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